Vacation Travel Insurance Tips

Travel insurance is a potentially important but often overlooked part of your vacation. Not only that, but your itinerary plans might factor into how much coverage, if any that you need. Whether you are traveling to a foreign country or to the next state, you should consider travel insurance. Some of the reasons to have insurance are to cover medical expenses, life insurance for your family or trip insurance when something goes wrong.

Vacation Travel Tip #1

If you have medical coverage, check with your insurer to find out the specifics regarding your planned destination. You can buy medical coverage for the duration of your trip or for longer periods. Some travel insurance policies cover multiple trips of specific duration. Some may cover you for travel up to a year. If you already have pre-existing medical conditions, then you may be able to fill out a waiver to cover any unexpected complications that occur on your trip.

Vacation Travel Tip #2

Planning a skiing or mountain climbing vacation? You may want to consider evacuation insurance. If you need to be rescued it is quite possible that you will most likely end up with a hefty bill to pay for the service.

Travel insurance and helpful tips for snow trip

Travel insurance policies may have exclusion for high-risk activities that occur in situations in which you may need immediate care. Contacting a travel insurance agent is most likely your best bet, to ensure that you find the right coverage based on your activities planned.

Vacation Travel Tip #3

If you are going on a cruise, taking an organized tour, or just flying on an airplane you may want trip cancellation insurance. You or a family member may get sick at the last minute, or your plans may change unexpectedly. Consider “cancel for any reason” travel insurance being added to your policy, as it could potentially refund you a portion of the costs if you want or need to cancel for other reasons.

Many companies do not offer refunds and you could be out thousands of dollars. There are many things out of your control that can mess with your plans. And it is important to keep in mind that refunds are tough to get sometimes without having coverage in place.

Vacation Travel Tip #4

Other popular coverage is loss of baggage, baggage delay, travel delay, dental, 24-hour traveler assistance, and accidental death. Baggage insurance is included in the most comprehensive policies but is rare to buy separately. This is actually the insurance for your times such as jewelry, eyewear, electronics, and photographic equipment’s.

Baggage claim at the airport checking for lost luggage with travel insurance coverage

If the airline checked your baggage, it is already covered by the airlines. Homeowners’ insurance is cheaper, and you’ll have coverage even after your trip.

Vacation Travel Tip #5

If you are driving out of the country, definitely check with your auto insurer. Purchase any extra coverage needed. You may want to ask about an international roadside assistance policy. Auto breakdowns and accidents are bad enough at home, but the problems are compounded abroad.

Vacation Travel Tip #6

Before you begin to think about putting your money down with a travel insurance plan, it is always recommended to check with your credit card company. You may have some coverage for potential trip cancellations for reasons that may be out of your control if you purchase your vacation with their card. If you are traveling with a group, you may be able to get coverage cheaper as a group rather than individually.

Sometimes you may pay more for less coverage if you buy it through a travel agent who makes a nice commission. This is not always the case but it’s your money. Shop around for the best deal.


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