How to File an Auto Insurance Claim

Filing an insurance claim can be beneficial especially when dealing with any damage or accidents to your car. Filing a claim can help with the coverage or compensation for any event that has occurred if the proper steps are being taken. If the claim has been approved the insurance company will most likely send out and issue the payment on your behalf, here are some basic tips when filing for an insurance claim.

Call Your Insurance Company or Agent As Soon As Possible

The quicker you report a claim, the quicker the process can get started. If you consider, how many of us can be without our cars for just a week? You want to get the insurance process going and repairs done as quickly as possible. Also, the insurer may deny payment of your claim if you do not report the accident within a reasonable period.

Understand the Timing of the Claim

Make sure your insurance company agrees to pay your claim before you start getting any repairs. They may need to send out an adjuster before approving your claim. You can choose which repair shop to go to unless otherwise stated in your insurance policy. Some insurance companies require you go to repair shops approved by them and may in turn offer you a discount to do so.

Writing and filing an auto insurance claim

Check all repairs after they are completed, and keep all receipts associated with the repairs, including an itemized list of exactly what was repaired.

Gather the Appropriate Resources to Support Your Claim

Depending on the after math and scene of the accident you may have already filled out a “proof of claim” form which is required and will be asked for by your insurance company either way. A copy of the police report is also required, after submitting your forms at any time you are allowed to track the progress of your claim on your insurer’s website. Not only is it important to provide the right resources but ensure you are filling them out carefully with no accidental misinformation. It may be helpful to keep an organized list or notes page of everyone you have spoken to.

Use a Mobile App

Many different insurers offer apps where you can report your claim or even check the status of everything that has been reported. Most of the apps also allow you to reserve a rental car, if need be, which can save a lot of time and added stress. In order to reserve a rental car, you may want to first find out if your policy pays for a rental car so that there are no unexpected expenses.


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