How to Better Protect Yourself: Motorcycle Insurance and Wearing a Helmet

The helmet is the most important motorcycle apparel that a rider can wear. Basically, it protects the head, skull or brain. Helmets save lives. There have been a lot of misconceptions but let us contemplate which is the truth as compared to the lies. How do we gauge? Let us acknowledge its advantages.

Are There Any Highly Recommended Helmets?

Helmets prevent or at least reduce the gravity of brain and facial injuries. Second, they lessen wind noise and protect the eyes from windblast and other hazardous debris. Lastly, they provide greater comfort and protection.

The kind of helmet that gives optimum protection is that of a full-face helmet. It is recommended by manufacturers, professional riders, and testing authorities. However, other kinds of helmet are also good provided they pass the DOT or SNELL testing standards since these two are the most trusted testing authorities in the United States.

In using helmet, we must instill in our minds that it will never preclude accident from happening. It is not the be all and end all of it all.

Protecting yourself by always carrying your motorcycle helmet with you

However, it can reduce or limit an injury or damage. In fact, it can save your breath of life!

Besides the Obvious, What Are the Added Benefits to a Helmet?

It makes the riding more fun. After protection, we must consider the comfort factor of motorcycle apparel. Aside from the fact that it cut down noise, deflect bugs and debris, it also gives comfort from the changing weather conditions, thus, decreases the possibility of fatigue. Third, wearing helmet radiates responsibility. It means that you take motorcycling seriously and that we care about ourselves and others as well.

Whether the law mandates helmet usage, the choice is within you. The discretion lies on you. Nonetheless, you are just exposing yourself and other persons to foolish risks when you can do something to reduce or avoid them. Riding is an attitude, and that attitude is reflected in the manner you ride as well as the way you treat life and precautions. Be a responsible rider!

Why Wear Snell-certified Helmets?

The protective capability of a particular helmet is difficult to measure. One can quickly judge a helmet for style and price, and with only a little effort for fit and comfort as well. It is much more difficult to gauge what a helmet can do when someone’s skill, experience and every other precaution have failed, when his helmet’s the only thing between his head and a violent collision. The Snell Foundation knows.

The snell helmet protection and program for those who have a motorcycle license

We destroy thousands of helmets every year to find out. Snell Certification is our assurance that a helmet has measured up to the highest standards for protective performance time and again.

How Is Snell Certification the Best?

Snell Standards are the most demanding. They are set to levels of protective performance that only the best, most protective headgear will meet. But Snell Certification is more than high standards, it is testing. Helmets must first pass Snell Certification testing by Snell technicians in Snell labs to qualify for our programs. Then samples of these helmets regularly acquired directly from retailers and distributors must continue to pass in order to remain in the Snell programs. Snell Certification is your best assurance that your helmet will perform its most important function: save your life when all your judgment, skill and luck have failed to keep you from harm.

How Much Does Snell Cost and Who Pays?

Once a helmet has been accepted into the Snell certification program, the Foundation charges the manufacturer for all testing, the acquisition of random samples and for each Snell Certification label that goes into each certified helmet. However, these costs along with every other production cost get passed along to you the consumer.