Motorcycle Insurance Claims

A collision happened: involving your motorcycle and another vehicle. You suffered injuries. After you have been confined to a hospital, what will you do next? Are you going to manages a motorcycle accident claim? Dependable motorcycle parts and accessories are needed to comfort every rider and to keep them away from impending danger and life risks.

How Can I Make a Motorcycle Insurance Claim?

Making a motorcycle insurance claim is a simple process. In fact, you can just do it over the phone. There are law firms which have already prepared sets of questions relating to a motorcycle accident. These questions need to be answered to determine the quantum of compensation. Basically, compensation depends on the severity of injury, loss of capacity to earn, lost wages, injury to business or employment, pain and suffering, medical and transportation expenses incurred, effects on lifestyle, damage to properties and other circumstances. It is the duty of the solicitor to give the details to his client once the claim has been fully assessed.

Motorcycle insurance compensation also depends on some factors. Thus, it will be better if you settle your claim after you have fully recovered from your injuries so that the amount of damages can already be fixed.

Making a motorcycle insurance claim after a collision

Keep in mind that your injury information must be properly documented, your out-of-pocket expenses must be duly recorded and presented, and loss of wages established in order for your personal injury claim to have a higher dollar value.

Will the Claim Cost Anything?

There are a lot of firms who will accept your cause but will not charge you anything should the claim turned to be unsuccessful. However, if it is on the contrary, the firm or motorcycle accident attorney will, of course, charge you.

How Long Does the Motorcycle Accident Settlement Process Take?

The settlement of the accident claim may depend on the following factors:

  • The amount of time required for you to finish medical treatment, because you may not be able to ask for the specific amount until all medical bills are calculated.
  • If you are filing for a personal injury claim, you may not be able to settle until all past and future medical care is understood. If this processed is rushed, it is highly likely that you will not be properly compensated.
  • Both side will most likely need to clearly finish their own investigation when dealing with any important facts or pieces of evidence.

Driving unsafe and getting into an accident and having to file a motorcycle insurance claim

It is important to remember during this gathering process that taking pictures, keeping track of expenses, regularly speaking with your attorney, and reaching out to potential witnesses are all factors of strengthening your case. Using this checklist in necessary when enduring the settlement process.

What is a Personal Injury Claim?

A personal injury is all about you, it is designed to protect you against someone else’s failure when on the road. In an ideal situation, when dealing with personal injury claims the one who caused the accident and injuries must compensate the one suffering.

What is a Property Damage Claim?

Aside from personal injury claims, there is also property damage claims to consider which is trying to get coverage and compensation for your damages bike and gear. In order to prove your damage, you may need to submit the estimate from the repair shop. If the repairs are more expensive than the bike itself, it will be totaled, and you can receive coverage for the whole bike


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